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Sometimes your may not be pleased with your computer performance even though you have just purchased it for several days. In my opinion, you may find its performance worse and worse until one day you realize you must fix it or just go to buy a new one. Typically, signs of poor performance can include sluggish computer or program running speed, programs closing or freezing up suddenly, numerous blue screen error messages and a general pop up of some errors etc. There are simple ways you can keep on doing in your daily life for better computer performance.

1. Uninstall any conflicting software. Uninstall any conflicting software installed on your computer. Certain programs such as two different antivirus tools are known cause problems. In such a situation, it is best to only keep the useful software and remove all of the useless ones. This is one major computer performance monitor tips you should not ignore.

2. Ensure the computer is clean from infections. Virus infection is another common reason for lots of computer problems, especially for the slow computer performance. We know that viruses or spyware programs are able to install on the computer without your knowledge and eat up necessary system resources to gradually slow down the PC. By the way, this is also the main cause for other computer problem or other system crashes issues. Hence, it is a must to install and run a trusted antivirus software on your computer. And it is recommended that you should make the antivirus antispyware program running at the background to detect and remove PC threats at any time.

3. Fix corrupted system registry entries. System registry errors are the core reasons of various computer problems. We all know that registry has significance importance in stable Windows running, make computer faster and that’s why, any improper modification or a minor mistake in the registry may result in problems just like Windows vista update fail. So when trying to increase computer speed, you need to perform a registry scan and fix the errors found.

These are just few ways to save the resources of your computer, there are still other things that you need to do including registry editing. I hope this help somehow to those who are new in using computer.

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