How to Fix Runtime Error R6002 Effectively in Windows?

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A runtime error R6002 message will appear normally when you are using a computer. If you want to fix the problem and get rid of the error message, first you have to know what really causes it. This is the right place for you to obtain such kind of computer knowledge.

Causes of runtime error R6002
Runtime error R6002 is present in Microsoft Windows systems and the reason they occur, as mentioned before, is partly due to the lack of security privileges. If the workstation cannot access the server then it cannot complete the task and to stop the computer endlessly attempting to fulfill this and freeze, Microsoft have designed a way to stop it which results in this error.

Solutions to fix runtime error R6002
To fix the runtime properly, firstly perform the below steps:

  • Restart your computer and wait until the login screen to appear.
  • Select the administrator account from the list of available accounts. Note that if there is only one account, it is the administrator account.
  • Type the password if prompted and click “OK” to access your computer.
  • Right-click on the program that is generating the Runtime 75 error. Normally, a context menu appears.
  • Select “Run as Administrator” from the context menu. The program should now run without any errors. If you continue to receive a Runtime 75 error message, consider running your anti-virus program to thoroughly scan your computer as sometimes, runtime errors are caused by computer viruses.

Secondly, you should scan and remove all computer infections from the computer. We all know that besides collecting and stealing users’ privacy, viruses or malicious threats are able to attack and remove any files it wants from the computer. Sometimes, they can disguise themselves as the legitimate process file on your computer and does whatever it likes. When the Windows fails to recall its required entries, you will no doubt get the runtime error R6002 error messages.

Finally, run a complete registry scan and remove all registry errors. Registry is used to ensure the proper running of the computer and all programs installed by controlling all of their needed entries. No matter whenever you do a program/software install job, it will automatically add corresponding entries into registry to tell it how and when to perform the programs correctly. However, as you uninstall programs or remove files from the computer, the registry database will get messed up because of hundreds of invalid or corrupted entries. So, you should regularly scan and remove all registry entries to ensure an error-free and compact registry database all the time. This is the first assurance that you need to make sure the smooth running of the computer without runtime R6002 error messages.

As what you can see above that, fixing runtime error R6002 with a registry repair tool is very easy because it detects and fixes all errors in your registry and removes them safely without affecting the computer. Click here to download and maintain your PC now!

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